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ECSA encourages women to join engineering professions

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) has recorded a marked increase in the number of women registered in the engineering profession in recent times.

Currently, ECSA has 2085 women registered in the various engineering categories. Among these 361, are registered as professional engineers, 200 being professional Engineering Technicians and 701 being candidate engineers. A steady increase has been recorded since 2006 when only 1 387 women were registered.

ECSA believes the figure could be higher as there are some who are not registered but are working in the various engineering fields. And the regulatory body is urging all engineering professionals to seek registration as it will soon be mandatory for all in those professions to register before they seek employment.

"Gone are the days when engineering was regarded as a male profession and we want to demystify that myth. At ECSA we encourage women to explore engineering and rise to the challenge alongside their male counterparts in meeting the country’s infrastructural needs," said ECSA acting CEO, Prof Hu Hanrahan.

"We would want a situation where the number of registered women equals or surpasses that of men and through our Engenius initiative which seeks to encourage high school learners to take up engineering, female learners will especially be encouraged to consider the field," added Hanrahan.​​