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ECSA Alert on bogus Engineering Registration Organisations

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) wishes to alert engineering graduates and the public that ECSA is the only national statutory body which is eligible to register engineering professionals. The function of registering engineering professionals is mandated to ECSA through the provisions of the Engineering Professions Act (EPA), 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000).

The EPA essentially serves to protect the public and environment from work done by engineering professionals. This protection is effected through ECSA ensuring that the education and experience of registered engineering practitioners meets set criteria and consequently provides assurance that the engineering practitioners are deemed competent by their peers.

No other body or organisation in South Africa is empowered to register engineering professionals or bestow the use of engineering titles, such as Pr Eng, Pr Tech Eng, Pr Techni Eng, Pr Cert Eng, on persons who have met the requisite professional registration criteria.

Engineering graduates who meet both the educational and experiential requirements set by ECSA could be eligible for registration with ECSA in one of the following categories:
• Professional Engineer (Pr Eng),
• Professional Engineering Technologist (Pr Tech Eng),
• Professional Engineering Technician (Pr Techni Eng), and
• Professional Certificated Engineer (Pr Cert Eng)

For more information about the specific requirements for registration in the above mentioned and other categories, click here.
In addition to the above four categories of professional registration ECSA also registers engineering professionals in specified categories including Registered Lift Inspector (Reg Lift Insp), Registered Lifting Machinery Inspector (Reg LMI) and Medical Equipment Maintainer (Reg MEM).

ECSA furthermore wishes to advise prospective engineering students and parents to ensure that the engineering programme, which they contemplate to enrol in, is accredited by ECSA. Students who graduate from engineering programmes which are accredited by ECSA have the assurance that their educational qualifications will be deemed to satisfy the educational requirements for registration in an appropriate category of engineering professionals.

A comprehensive listing of educational institutions which offer accredited engineering programmes in South Africa can be found by clicking here. To go to the specific pages, click on the appropriate link to find out about BEng, BSc(Eng) or BIng ("BEng-type"), BTech and/or National Diploma.

For more information on ECSA, please contact:
Phindiwe Nkosi
Manager: Marketing and Communication
Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
Tel: 011 607 9585