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Persons wishing to register in the following categories:

  • Candidate Engineer or Professional Engineer; or
  • Candidate Engineering Technologist or Professional Engineering Technologist; or
  • Candidate Engineering Technician or Professional Engineering Technician

are required to satisfy the educational component towards registration by means of one of the following:

  • Holding an ECSA-accredited qualification or combination of qualifications for the category; or
  • Holding a qualification recognised by ECSA under an international educational agreement because it is accredited by a signatory to an educational agreement relevant to the category; or
  • Holding a qualification or combination of qualifications evaluated by ECSA as being substantially equivalent to an ECSA-accredited South African qualification ; or
  • Undergoing individual assessment should the applicant not hold any of the above.

Applications for educational evaluation will be assessed using the policy document E-17-P approved by the ECSA Council. This policy provides in particular for:

  • Specific criteria for the substantial equivalence of the applicants qualification to an ECSA-accredited qualification for the category;
  • Granting credits to the applicant for criteria that have been satisfied;
  • A range of assessment methods that can be used to meet criteria that are not satisfied by the applicant’s qualification(s);
  • Accelerated evaluation of particular types of qualifications whose quality is known to ECSA.


Method of Making Application

·    Applicants can download the application form from the ECSA website and submit with documents called for in policy E-17-P.

o Certified copies of all qualification certificates, with translations if not in English;

o Certified copies of all academic records/ transcripts, with translations if not in English;.

o A curriculum analysis using the worksheet provided with as much details as possible;

o Syllabi of the subjects studied, with translations if not in English;

o Final year project report(s)

o Certificate for verification of authenticity of degree certificate


 Education Evaluation Application Form

Mandatory annexures to evaluation application form

1. Annexure A: Sheet K1.3

2. Annexure B: K1.4​