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​​Education: Education Policy​

Education Policy Advisory function

ECSA is empowered by its act to advise government and other bodies on matters relating to engineering education. The Education Committee (EC) advises the Council on matters of education in so far as they impact on policy and standards relating to engineering education. More specifically it is the mandate of the committee to formulate policies, position papers, with regards to engineering education, and to assess the general state or aspects of engineering education.

One such position paper is the ECSA position paper to the implementation of engineering qualifications under the Higher Education Qualification Framework (HEQF). The HEQF is the ruling policy on qualifications types and structures. This paper gives guidance on structuring engineering qualifications within the HEQF.


ECSA Deans Committee 

ECSA’s advisory function also extends to the relationship that is maintained with Education Providers. ECSA organizes and hosts the biannual meeting of the Deans Committee, which comprises the Deans or their respective representative, of accredited higher education institutions. The function of the Deans Committee is to advise the Education Committee, the accreditation committees and the Council, on matters relating to engineering education and any other matter which the committee deems to be of interest to the Council or the relevant committee.

Education Policy Submissions

ECSA has made the following submissions:

Improving Throughput in the Engineering Bachelors Degree

This report is the outcome of a review initiated in April 2011 by the Engineering Council of South Africa, aimed at identifying ways of improving throughputs in the engineering bachelors degree. The report can be found HE​RE​​