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In terms of the Standard on Continuing Professional Development (ECPD-01-STA), a CPD Licensed Body is an organisation that is recognised through the powers of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), to verify CPD Service Providers and to validate CPD Category 1 Activities.  The ECSA Licensed Body must warrant that the quality of the CPD Category 1 Activity is of an appropriate standard for the target audience. The target audience refers to the category (e.g. Professional Engineer, Professional Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineering Technician, Professional Certified Engineer and Specified Category registrations) and the discipline (e.g. electrical, civil, mechanical). The ECSA CPD Licensed Body therefore must ensure the quality of CPD Category 1 Activities by monitoring and auditing the verified CPD Service Providers as and when required.

The ECSA monitors and audits the ECSA CPD Licensed Body to ensure that the CPD Category 1 Activities that are offered and/or validated by the ECSA CPD Licensed Body are of an appropriate standard and quality. This implies that the ECSA CPD Licensed Body cannot verify itself as a CPD Service Provider.  If ECSA CPD Licensed Body wishes to become a verified CPD Service Provider, verification of the service provision must be performed by ECSA or by an ECSA CPD Licensed Body. If a CPD service provider is recognised as an ECSA CPD Licensed Body as well as a Verified CPD Service Provider, then only may the ECSA CPD Licensed Body validate their own CPD activities. An ECSA CPD Licensed Body can only operate under its defined scope of competence (specified category, discipline and area of specialisation) and should ensure that the activities validated meet the core requirements as set out in section 11 of the CPD Standard (ECPD-01-STA).

The recognition of an ECSA CPD Licensed Body is valid for a period of three (3) years.​

ECSA CPD Licensed Bodies​