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  • Advertised Tenders


  • Finalised Tenders 
    • ECSA/RFB03/2013 Lease of 2 photocopiers 
    • ECSA/RFB04/2013 Travel management services 
    • ECSA/RFP03/2014 Registered Professionals
    • ECSA/RFP06/2013 Content development solutions
    • ECSA/RFP01/2014 Vendor Roster for Legal Services
    • ECSA/RFB01/2016 Outsourcing of internal audit services
    • ECSA/RFP02/2016  Upgrading and migration of IT server infrastructure
    • ECSA/RFP03/01/2016  Bid Documents: IT online system
    • ECSA/RFP05/2016 Bid Documents: The appointment of a suitably-qualified external service provider to undertake an extensive research and comparative benchmark exercise towards a possible review and amendment of the engineering professions Act No. 46 of 2000
    • ECSA/RFP04/2016 Bid Documents: Catering Services


  • Awarded Bids:
    • Bid no: ECSA/RFB01/2016
      • Bid name: Appointment of service provider for Internal Audit for Internal Audit services for ECSA
        Preferred bidder: Morar Incorporate
        Price: R830,680.83
        BBBEE Contributor level
    •  Bid no: ECSA/RFP03/01/2016
      • Bid name: Request for Proposal for the implementation of an online system for ECSA
        Preferred bidder: EOH Mthombo
        Price: 1,941,534.00
        BBBEE Contributor: 2
    • Bid no: ECSA/RFP02/2016
      • Bid name: Appointment of service provider to upgrade IT server infrastructure and migration.
        Preferred bidder: AdvanceKopano (Pty) Ltd trading as AdvanceNet
        Price: R1,582,528.05
        BBBEE Contributor level: 3
    • Bid no: ECSA/RFP01/2017
      • Bid Name: The Appointment of a service provider to arrange Travel and Accommodation for Engineering Council of South Africa for a period of thirty six (36) months.
        Preferred bidder: Travel with Flair
        Price: +-R14,000,000.00
        BBBEE Contributor level: 1
  • Cancelled Tenders
    • ECSA/RFP01/01/2013 Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme
    • ECSA/RFP03/2016  Bid Documents: IT online system